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  // v i b r a t i o n a l :: elevation  What does that even mean??!!?!!!  quantum physics has blown physical science out of the water. The components that make up our atoms are mostly empty space - so what does that mean? What's filling up that empty space?  // E N E R G Y //  everything has a frequency of vibration, activity in those atoms, that elusive space between  In practical terms, we know when our energy is '' H I G H '' when we feel really good, like blissful, elated or ,, l o w ,, when we don't feel good, rundown, just ugh There are many ways to shift our energy - changing environments, exercising, singing, creating, new experiences - as the planet shifts more firmly into the fifth dimension, maintaining that higher vibration becomes important, and we should be getting pickier about how we feel. by using energy healing technology in an experience that guides you back to YOU, transformative shifts create

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