welcome to my dimension! somewhere between 3D and 5D, always reaching higher while accepting the 3D alignment that is this mission. whether you found my energy healing ad online or my business card caught your eye


I'd love to chat with you about metaphysics, laws of the universe, energy, etc. I'm working to build spiritual abundance through community, money, and energy - won't you join me?

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 you may prepare as much or as little as you wish to receive the vibrational elevation of your choice

all that is required is that you may remain undisturbed and laying down for the duration of your session

//  suggestions :: for optimal integration

light a candle, sage, or incense

play relaxing music, nature sounds, Hz frequencies, or mantra music

wear light, comfortable clothing - it is believed wearing white expands and cleanses your vibration

bring awareness and appreciation of the self's journey to land softly into the experience

intend to receive the healing energy, relax, and flow with whatever arises during the session and in the time after

softly guide yourself back into your breath and your body should you find yourself drifting during the session

plan to nourish your body with healthy food afterwards, unprocessed plant foods specifically root vegetable will enhance the effects of the session

engage in creative or other wholesome endeavors after the session, understanding your elevated vibration will guide you to divinely inspired action

you may fall asleep during reiki, this is natural, but it may mean you should set an alarm to ensure your time is well managed